Success through Open Houses

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Group: Success through Open Houses

Master Open Houses with Coach Brittany Purcell. Sign up today to get systems, models and materials that will allow you to transform your business using open houses as a massive lead generation funnel!

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Investment: $149

Format: Webinar

Target Audience: New Agents, Agents 1-20 Units, Agents on Teams, Mega Agent Training for Buyer's Agents, All Agents

Length: 4 Sessions & 1 Bonus Call!

Next Launch: Sep. 19, 2019


We bet you’ve heard “open houses aren’t effective” at least once in your career. We know why people say that. They decide they are going to hold an open house, post it in one place, put a sign in the yard, and pray people show up. In this course, you’ll learn how to make Open houses a predictable, inexpensive, and profitable endeavor. Go E to P on open houses with us by registering TODAY!

What to Expect

  • Schedule for marketing and prospecting for Open Houses
  • Scripts – what to say and how to say it to capture business at an Open House
  • Best practices for open houses that make AND save you money
  • Bonus Call on Safety Practices