Securing Listings with the Wealthy

2023 Launch Date Coming Soon!

MAPS Fast Track: Securing Listings with the Wealthy

Transform From Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Planner in 4 Weeks!

2023 Launch Date Coming Soon!

Investment: $199 USD

Format: Webinar (All sessions are recorded and available for replay)

Target Audience: Agents & Leadership

Length: 1 month


Learn how the top agents get their unfair share of listings in this tight real estate environment.  Understand how to secure listings in a shift-proof segment of the market and be prepared to thrive in the next recession. Wealthy older adults will face one of two problems: their home won’t fit them anymore and they want to create a legacy with their investment properties but don’t know how to do this. It doesn’t matter the state of the economy in order to secure more listings in this segment. Become the senior relocation specialist and be the complete solution to their problems.  Join MAPS Coach Dan Ihara as we learn all about the wealthy older adult market, senior relocation services, and how to secure more listings with the 1031 Exchange and DSTs while helping your clients create a legacy with their real estate. This program will also educate you on what you need to know about trusts, how to secure probate listings, and how to become a “Real Estate Planner” SM

What to Expect

  • 4x 1hr sessions (1/week)
    • Understand the Wealthy Older Adult
    • Senior Relocation Service
    • Understanding Trusts and Probate
    • 1031 Exchange, DSTs, and Legacy planning
  • Models to secure more listings in the “Shift”.
  • Systems/models/tools to attract and serve the wealthy older adult
  • Learn how to build a network that will generate leads for listings
  • Learn the approach to become the senior relocation specialist
  • Understand wills, trusts, and the probate process to secure more listings
  • Learn how to build a bulletproof 1031 exchange
  • Gain knowledge of DSTs to solve the 1031 exchange replacement challenge
  • A deep dive into building vertical integration
  • Listing conversations to build trust and secure listings
  • Position yourself as the “Real Estate Planner” SM
  • Fillable worksheet
  • Post class action steps
  • Complete slide deck
  • Presentation recording

There are no holds/refunds/cancellations in Fast Track Coaching. All calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to any missed session recordings upon signup.