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The Art of Adding Value With People

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Investment: $299 USD

Format: webinar

Length: 4 weeks

Target Audience: All Agents

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People matter.  Your ability to effectively work with people, even the most difficult people, is your single biggest competitive advantage. Think about it. If your competition can all take the same classes, buy the same systems and chase the same clients and inventory as you can, then what is your greatest competitive advantage in the marketplace?  It is your ability to “add value” with each and every relationship you touch.

REAL Communication, Real Results…The Art of Adding Value with People is a critical must have for every serious agent’s toolbox.  This skill based, four-hour training is delivered by it’s author, the acclaimed Dr. Matt Townsend, a national leader in strengthening relationships, teams and human potential.  Dr. Matt uses his entertaining and humorous delivery style to explore both the art and the science behind “adding value” and “getting consistent results” with others.

All participants receive a 40-page workbook, complete with the results-driving principles, exercises and action plans that ensure you can actually live what you’re learning.

The training is ideal for anyone who is looking for a lasting advantage in his or her business, and understands that working harder and smarter will never compensate for your ability to work effectively with others. In the end, you will not only learn a lot about how others work, more importantly you will learn a lot about how you work (or don’t) with others.

  • “Do More with Less” – Learn how to get more from your relationships while strengthening them and making it easier to work together for tomorrow’s results.
  • “Cut Through the Smoke” – Quit chasing the irritating “Smoke” in your conversations, and get down into the real fire, causing all of the problems.
  • “The STARVED Stuff” – The 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships, that when not met, will starve those around you and will eventually hurt your business.
  • “Grow the Trust in Your Relationships” – Grow the trust of others by effectively growing your own character and reducing your reactivity to situations and people.
  • “Have REAL Conversations” – Confidently step into the more difficult conversations of life and know how to truly create REAL Understanding and movement with others.
  • “Lower Negative Emotion In Others” – Neutralize conflict by helping people share what’s really concerning them, and show you understand even if you don’t agree.
  • “Foster Openness” – Create conditions where people speak with complete candor (no matter the topic) and with complete respect (no matter the person).
  • “Get Results With Others” – Turn competitive interactions into cooperative experiences that deliver mutual benefit.
  • “Express Contrary Positions” – Effectively express differing positions and ideas without using language that polarizes or puts others on the defense.
  • “Give and Receive Feedback” – Build acceptance rather than resistance, and strengthen relationships when giving or receiving difficult feedback.
  • “Advance Teamwork” – Get the right people involved in a way that ensures better decision-making and guarantees commitment and conviction.
  • “Turn On Your Learning” – Use the Four Lights of Learning to grow the skills you’ll need for tomorrow. Use these same skills to coach others on your team.
  • “Lead So Others Want to Follow” – Living with Character, Communication, Cooperation and Change ensures that others will want to commit and follow you