Never Ending Referrals

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Group: Never Ending Referrals


Are you tired of hit and miss results from your database?

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Investment: $249 USD

Format: Webinar

Target Audience: All Agents / Lead Generation

Length: 8 weeks

Next Launch: Jan. 04, 2019


Make your 33 Touch System come to Life with “Never Ending Referrals” with Steve Schlueter. The Four Laws of the Database are brought to Life through your own personal 1-4-5 For Database Mastery. Go deep into the Fundamentals of building, feeding, communicating, and working your database for a 10%, 15% or Higher Return.

Discover simple yet proven ways to convert your database into a referral and repeat business Money Machine.

What to Expect

  • Build a Personalized Database Mastery 1-4-5
  • Build a Foolproof Follow-up System
  • Scripts to become your database’s Economist of Choice
  • Scripts for Generating an Ongoing Stream of Referrals
  • Getting your 33 Touch and Technology Simplified and Effective
  • Build a Pipeline of Nurtures
  • Grow your Database by 250 or More Quality Mets
  • You’ll Use Social Media Smarter
  • Build a Schedule for Success with Your Database and Fund Your “Big Why”
  • Farming Techniques to further Build Your Met Database
  • You’ll Implement Value Added Contacts to Your METS


  • Special Guest Interviews on Database Master

There are no holds/refunds/cancellations in Group Coaching. All calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to these recordings upon signup.

Wouldn’t sharing the experience with an associate make it that much more rewarding? Who do you know that would also enjoy and benefit from this program? Tell them and tell us. 200 participants are required to hold the program. If minimum number is not reached, unfortunately, the program will be rescheduled. Don’t let that happen! Together we create careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.