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Group: Never Ending Referrals

Turn Your database into the powerful tool you always intended for it to be! Enroll Today!

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Investment: $249 USD

Format: eLearning

Target Audience: All Agents / Lead Generation

Length: 8 Sessions

Launch: Enroll Today!


Imagine getting command over what Gary Keller calls your Number 1 Business Asset, your met database. What will it be like when you…

  • Make 4 value added contribution calls to your core database each year
  • Are freed from the grip of call bias
  • Get a 10% return on your database (300 quality mets = 30 closings)
  • Have a powerful plan (GPS) for success with the database
  • Act like and become the local trusted advisor
  • Understand how to use social media as a relationship building engine
  • Embrace the power of dialogue vs. just scripts
  • Truly implement a simple 36+ touch system
  • Understand client events and parties are… not about the party
  • Are able to be authentic, and embrace your behavioral style every day
  • Apply Command in a simplistic way for the impact you desire

Gary Keller shared with me when I was a Team Leader that there are 2 things every agent must master for sustained success with their career – 1) Their MET Database and 2) one other tactic that is listing specific that can be done in high volume.

The 8 session Self-paced N.E.R. program when combined with a commitment to follow through, take action and develop new powerful habits and rituals will take you to new levels of success with your database.

What to Expect

  • 8 eLearning sessions, meaning you can take it at your own pace and set your own schedule!
  • Bonus Mega Agent Interviews
  • Tech Tutorials using the Latest KW Tech
  • Smart Plan Integration (upon broad Command release)
  • CRM Workout Tactics are not CRM Specific (work with most CRMS)
  • Action Labs – Weekly Activities to Build Powerful Habits


  • Access to the Never Ending Referrals VIP Facebook Group
  • Bonus Interviews
  • Latest Tech Tutorials

There are no holds/refunds/cancellations in Group Coaching. 

Wouldn’t sharing the experience with an associate make it that much more rewarding? Who do you know that would also enjoy and benefit from this program? Tell them and tell us. 200 participants are required to hold the program. If minimum number is not reached, unfortunately, the program will be rescheduled. Don’t let that happen! Together we create careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.