MOVE – Powered By Never Ending Referrals

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Group: MOVE – Powered By Never Ending Referrals

Increase your market share using the DTD2. You’ll end up contacting everyone four times per year!

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Investment: $499 / month USD

Format: eLearning

Target Audience: Market Center Programs


Imagine your market center as a college where you’ll:

  • Connect with Business Consultants
  • Build Local Relationships
  • Connect, not collide, using scripts
  • Schedule business calls months (or years! In advance
  • Empower your use of Social Media by being strategic, not addicted
  • Receive concise, purposed-driven financial plans

MOVE is an ongoing market center platform for filling the massive hole around our agents’ MET Database.

This program consists of Leadership Sessions followed by the Never Ending Referrals webinar series with Steve Schlueter. The goal is to create an army of Database Warriors!

Session Schedule: 46-48 LIVE webinar sessions (4 M/C Launches annually of Never-Ending Referrals) PLUS 4 Leadership Instructional Webinars prior to initial launch detailing “How to Facilitate M.O.V.E. Database Powered by Never Ending Referrals”.

What to Expect

  • Building Met Database Foundations
  • Setting up DTD2 CRM Groups
  • Template for Uploading and Scrubbing
  • Personality Styles and DTD2
  • Teach the DISC Scripts
  • Organize the Physical Database
  • Contact Classification
  • CRM Showcase and Database Analysis
  • Launch and schedule the 12-Direct, 8×8, and 33-Touch campaigns
  • Social Media for the Database Warrior, 30 Mins a Day
  • Database Research / Clean Up Tools / Little-Known Tricks
  • Mindshare & Lasting Impressions

There are no holds/refunds/cancellations in Group Coaching. All calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to these recordings upon signup.