Mega Lead Conversion

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MAPS Fast Track: Mega Lead Conversion

Formerly known as Mastering Inside Sales, the program name has been updated to reflect its true content - how to convert leads at a high level!

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Investment: $199 USD/month for 6 months ($1,194 total)

Format: Interactive Zoom Webinar (All sessions are recorded and available for replay)

Target Audience: Buyer, Listing, and Inside Sales Agents (any sales role!)

Length : 6 months - 18 webinars (3 webinars a month)

Next Launch: Feb. 15, 2023

What is the Mega Lead Conversion Program?

With the Mega Lead Conversion program, you’ll learn how to generate and convert leads while being seen as a relationship-based, trusted real estate advisor. Converting leads can be challenging, which is why our expert MAPS coach, Anna, has developed proven tools and systems to help each individual become one of the most skilled, relationship-based salespersons in the industry.
During this 6-month program, you’ll get access to exclusive information, including 19 language patterns, four tracking systems, follow-up systems, and more!

Who is this Program For?

Our Mega Lead Conversion program is for every buyer, listing, or inside agent – especially those who are looking to master their person-to-person skillset. At the end of 6-months, you’ll feel confident in your ability to convert leads, call clients, set appointments, and track progress like a pro!

What to Expect

Mega Lead Conversion will provide you with the community you’ve been looking for, as well as the skills, tools, systems, and mindset necessary to become one of the most skilled, relationship-based salespersons in the industry. We provide you with 19 language patterns, 4 tracking systems, follow up systems, and much more.

What’s a language pattern, you ask? Example: Five steps of a quality call opener. Four steps to uncover an objection. Three steps to get the signature, etc. They allow you to be YOU with your personality, yet give you a multi-step framework that is proven to work.

There are 18 total weekly webinars during the first three weeks of every month, all in which our MAPS coach, Anna, will be walking you through practice calls and providing you with clear instruction on how to convert successful leads!