Productivity Coach
(Market Center ACH)

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Mastery: Productivity Coach
(Market Center ACH)

This program consists of approximately 40+ high-impact phone sessions from your personal coach.

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Investment: $1,000 / Month

Format: One on One Calls

Target Audience: Productivity Coaches

Starts: Any time


KW MAPS Coaching’s award-winning mastery program provides personalized coaching, business planning, and high-level accountability for agents pursuing personal evolution and who are committed to growing their business’ bottom line.

Developed from models established in Gary Keller’s national bestsellers The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The ONE Thing and SHIFT, Mastery Coaching teaches agents to think a million, earn a million, net a million and receive a million. It is designed for those willing and ready to take their career to the top of the real estate industry.

Mastery Coaching offers a personalized experience, elite privileges, exclusivity and high accountability through weekly individual coaching sessions that will maximize your returns.

Mastery Coaching for Productivity Coaches provides the one-on-one attention from a highly trained “Coach’s Coach.”

What to Expect

  • Increase your agents’ productivity by 50 percent
  • Implementation of strategies and principles from the Gamebook
  • Personalized action plans that will propel you into success
  • Skills-based lessons focused on your strengths and how to make them work for you
  • Accountability sessions to ensure you stick to your plan