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Group: Limited to Legendary

Your business success is directly related to your personal growth. Learn the systems and tools needed to create your legendary business!

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Investment: $349 USD

Format: Videos + Weekly Facebook Live

Target Audience: All Agents / Marketing / Branding

Length: 10 weeks

Next Launch: Mar. 04, 2019


What separates the top 1,000 agents in the US from everyone else? FOCUS!

In this course with Rachel Adams Lee, you’ll learn the mega agent mindset and skillset and will be provided the tools needed to turn a good sales practice into a booming business. It’s the lens you can use to make strategic and tactical decisions that will maximize the future trajectory of your legendary business.

In the 10 weeks, you will survey topics ranging from marketing and brand awareness, customer service at the highest level, dominating your database, and the impact personal growth has on your business. Each week, you’ll learn about the mega agent mindset, the most important tools you can leverage, and the results you’ll need to track on your journey to legendary. You make 1,000s of decisions a day – this one is easy. Sign up now to get on the path to becoming a Top 1,000 Agent.

What to Expect

  • How to get ten new pieces of business from one conversation
  • Linking your personal growth to business success
  • Developing marketing and branding that works now and builds to the future
  • The essential power of talent management as you grow
  • Tracking numbers to create focus and growth
  • Mastering the buyer & seller process
  • What the customer experience feels like with a top 1,000 agent