Level Up: Building a Team within a Team

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Group: Level Up: Building a Team within a Team

Level up with leverage! Develop leaders within your organization so they can build a team within your team

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Investment: $149 USD

Format: Webinar

Target Audience: Mega Agents, Buyer Agents, Director of Sales, Inside Sales Agents

Length: 5 Weeks

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Next Launch:: Sept 11, 2019

Next Launch: Sep. 11, 2019


This program will teach you to expand your thinking in order to create more opportunity for those around you. It is designed to teach you to leverage intentionally at each pivotal point in your business to increase efficiency, accountability and productivity. The goal is for each individual in your organization to do more in their strength zone which in turn increases productivity and longevity for the organization.

You will learn to level up with leverage! Megas can learn how to find and hire talented individuals that will become empire builders for the team. Talent will learn to develop their skills, efforts, accountability in order to own the role and build their own team within the team. This will help every team member develop the synergy and culture needed to attract and keep talent.

What to Expect

  • To develop leaders within your organization so that they may build a team within your team.
  • To streamline the buy side process with the use of scripts and expectations to increase production while preserving quality of life.
  • To use leverage to maximize efficiencies.
  • To find, hire and keep talented showing agents.
  • Utilizing the Showing Agent Model to increase customer care and repeat business.