Language of Sales

2023 Launch Date Coming Soon!

MAPS Fast Track: Language of Sales

Learn the tools and techniques to connect deeply with your clients and have them be inspired to work with you!

2023 Launch Date Coming Soon!

Investment: $299 USD

Format: Webinar (All sessions are recorded and available for replay)

Target Audience: Agents & Leadership

Length: 8 Weeks


So you want to be a real estate Influencer? It all starts with your communication.

MAPS Language of Sales teaches the art of sharing words and ideas in a scientific, structured way that raises the influence of the speaker and supports the listener in achieving his or her goal.

MAPS Language of Sales incorporates the greatest communication tools known, with the lessons and experience of powerful leaders and agents who know how to move people to action. It taps into art and science to systematically teach the participants how to learn a new, powerful, language!

Whether you’re an agent considering a move; one who works with buyers, sellers, or both; a leader who would like to inspire those around them to take action, this hands-on course allows you to dive into the powerful techniques that can make more influential.

Throughout the program, you will grow as an influencer perfecting your communication and creating a presence that allows others to win as the result of your relationship!

What to Expect

  • Has there ever been a time when you were given an objection and you didn’t know what to say?
  • Do you have the ability to convince someone who doesn’t want to be convinced?
  • Do you know which language patterns to use to help transform people’s lives?
  • Have you ever thought, “This script just doesn’t sound like me”?