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Group: KW Family

Learn how to balance work life, family life and your personal life in just 8 weeks!

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Investment: $198 USD

Format: Webinar

Target Audience: All Agents

Length: 8 Weeks

Next Launch: Mar. 25, 2019


This 8-week coaching series will focus on those agents and team members in a real estate business who are also building and growing families. The focus will be on defining success for our businesses, families and personal lives. You will focus on short and long term goals and work to create a balance in business and family. The class will utilize a journal each day and focus a lot on daily reflection, growth & intentional implementation. The 8-week class will focus on a workshop format each week. Class participants will have access to an online community for support & growth together.

What to Expect

  • KW Family is for anyone in the real estate business who is counterbalancing work with family and personal life.
  • It will be an interactive workshop-based course where participants will take a self-assessment to reflect and design their own version of what success looks like in 3 key areas – business, family and personal life.
  • Together we’ll create an action plan and schedule that supports living in alignment with those priorities.
  • Through our community and coaching we’ll have accountability in building and living a sustainable business, family and personal life.
  • Along the way we’ll share tactics for leverage in all areas and best practices of top achieving parents and business owners already doing this in our industry.