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Group: ISA Coaching

This program brings together aspects of one-on-one and group coaching to create an expert niche coaching program for ISAs and OSAs.

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Investment: $800 / month USD

Format: Webinar / 1x1 coaching

Target Audience: Inside Sales / Outside Sales Associates

Length: 12 Month commitment

Register: Ongoing - register whenever!


For the inbound and/or outbound agent:

  • Twice monthly one-on-one individualized coaching
  • Weekly group training calls
  • Agent calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to these recordings upon signup

For the rainmaker:

  • Once monthly group calls (Culture building, what your ISA needs from you)
  • Personalized electronic update after each coaching call with the ISA.

Increase revenue by mastering phone skills to generate more leads and set more appointments. You will benefit from analyzing recorded calls, learning language patterns, handling objections, and mastering scripts. In addition, we will have Q&A on each call with coaches Anna Krueger, Sarah Jahn and Tim Heyl, as well as personalized one-on-one coaching twice a month for the ISA/OSA.

Two extra closings from your ISA can pay for the program! Take the leap and join today!

What to Expect

  • Master language patterns to deal with any situation
  • Strategies to nail lead follow up
  • Increase skills that directly impact your bottom line
  • Analyze recorded calls to build critical thinking and lead generation skills
  • Turn would-be hangups into appointments
  • Turn “just looking” into appointments