Fund your Big Life with Rental Properties


MAPS Fast Track: Fund your Big Life with Rental Properties

Learn how to get from where you are now to being financially independent through buying rental properties.


Investment: $399 USD / month for 2 months ($798 USD)

Format: Webinar (All sessions are recorded and available for replay)

Target Audience: Everyone

Length: 8 Sessions

Next Launch: Oct. 19, 2022


Would you like to own enough rental properties that the properties pay for your life’s expenses? When you have enough profit from owning rental properties, working at a job becomes optional, not necessary. This course is for anyone, working at any company, working in any industry, that wants to learn the specific steps to financial freedom through owning rental properties.

Sign up TODAY and take steps towards being financially independent, not dependent on anyone for cash income except your tenants.

What to Expect

  • Create your vision of what financial freedom will look like for you
  • Learn to calculate your expected profit for a property and set your criteria so you can easily say “yes” or “no” to a potential purchase
  • Choose what type of residential real estate is right for you
  • Find rental properties to buy that meet your criteria
  • Learn about the many different ways investors pay for properties
  • Work with tenants – from finding tenants to handling the application to signing the lease to collecting rent payments
  • Advice on maintaining your properties and tracking your financial key performance indicators
  • Ways to protect your properties and your cash once you have financial freedom
  • Get your questions answered about investing in rental properties