Scale Your Business To Expand

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MAPS Fast Track: Scale Your Business To Expand

Have you built your business in such a way that is can be controlled, scaled and then expanded?

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Investment: $398 USD

Format: Webinar (All sessions are recorded and available for replay)

Target Audience: All Agents and Leadership

Length: 8 weeks

Next Launch: Sep. 07, 2022


Have you built your business in such a way that is can be controlled, scaled and then expanded?

Whether you are a solo agent, rainmaker, or market center leadership everything you will learn in this course will take you from where you are, to your next logical step in your growth journey by building a scalable foundation first. This new growth focused community will walk you through how to build each pillar of your business in such a way that it’s controllable, scalable, and eventually expandable. This is designed as a coaching program with Kristan Cole to support business owners and leaders growing their leadership skills to move from being salespeople to business owners and CEO’s.

What to Expect

  • Best lead generation levers for scale
  • Learn how to access your reality, fill necessary gaps, control the model, then scale your local business
  • Launch checklists and action plans
  • Suggested compensation models
  • Job profiles and recruiting tools
  • Create and maintain culture from afar
  • A detailed Expansion checklist and timeline

All webinars will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to these recordings upon signup.

Wouldn’t sharing the experience with an associate make it that much more rewarding? Who do you know that would also enjoy and benefit from this program? Tell them and tell us. 25 market centers are required to hold the program. If minimum number is not reached, unfortunately, the program will be rescheduled. Don’t let that happen! Together we create careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.