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A changing market requires a change in approach. BOLD was created to help you shift your mindset and adopt the tactics and scripts proven to bring success in today’s extraordinary business landscape. The global digital experience begins October 20.

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Investment: $799 $79 Early-Bird Pricing

Format: Livestream Event

Duration: 4 Weeks (2 hours, 2 days per week)

Production Level: All

Next Launch: Oct. 20, 2020

You can’t control external forces; you can only control how you respond. And, you need to pivot quickly to ensure that your business doesn’t turn into a game of chance.

This October, experience the digital iteration of BOLD. Completely reconfigured for the market of the moment, BOLD will teach you how to return to the basics, and lean into those most suited to the current market. Read some of our BOLD Pivot success stories on Outfront to understand the impact it will have on both you and your business.

At just $79 and available via livestream, BOLD is more accessible than ever.

Key Takeaways:

  • A reset of your mindset ensuring you can overcome your limiting beliefs and obtain big goals
  • Time-saving strategies and techniques to operate leanly and efficiently
  • Access to proven, timely scripts and the delivery methods that naturally influence people to work with you
  • Guidance on how to mine your database and leverage Command to run a digital-savvy business
  • Best practices for makings calls, setting appointments, and closing contracts RIGHT NOW

Agents who took BOLD Pivot had:

  • 14% more Listings Taken
  • 9% more Contracts Written
  • 46% more Contacts created
  • 39% more Opportunities created
  • 79% more SmartPlans created
  • 133% more Campaigns created

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How does this event differ from BOLD 2.0?

While this event leverages the BOLD 2.0 curriculum, a shifting market requires a shift in approach. BOLD Pivot was created to help you adopt the mindset and tactics proven to bring success in today’s extraordinary business landscape. While the foundation remains the same, this highly-focused, abbreviated version provides new scripts and activities that will ensure you're ready to tackle the market of the moment. With all physical restrictions removed, our fully digital, livestream program brings attendees from around the world together for one event.

Can I enroll in BOLD if I'm not a Keller Williams associate or a member of related industries?

Today, it is more important than ever that we stand strong as an industry. Licensed agents from any brokerage, in any location around the world, are invited to register. We also invite members of the title, mortgage, home inspection and other related businesses to our event.

What if I can’t attend one of the live stream sessions?

Recordings will be available on-demand in the BOLD Pivot Facebook group within 12 hours of each session.

Who is the trainer?

Certified KW MAPS BOLD Coaches from our award-winning program will be leading the classroom sessions as well as supporting this event. Held twice weekly between Classroom sessions, the Coaching Corner is an interactive session held in the Facebook group to discuss the BOLD Pivot material and get your questions answered. Participate or simply listen in. Either way, you're sure to leave with great insights.

How will I interact with the trainer and other attendees?

This is an event, not pre-recorded training. We're eager to create interaction and have our attendees guide the conversation and learn from each other whenever possible.

There will be three ways to interact:
1) Participate during the classroom live stream by posting comments or questions.
2) Attend the Coaching Corner sessions to further discuss how to apply what you learned during the classroom session to your business.
3) Utilize the attendee-only BOLD Pivot Facebook Group to mastermind with fellow attendees and coaches.

How do I get the most out of this experience?

Beyond participation in the classroom livestream, attendees are expected to take what they learned and put it into practice ... immediately. To ensure you get the most out of the BOLD Pivot program, plan to devote four hours each day to focused, self-guided lead generation.

How will course materials be provided?

All course materials will be provided electronically. Registrants will be invited to our closed (attendee-only) Facebook group and will download all resources from this location. This Facebook group is also where you'll find a community of fellow registrants and expert coaches from the KW MAPS Coaching program.

What are the BOLD Terms and Conditions?

Reference all terms and conditions here:

How can I get a copy of my receipt?

After your initial registration is complete, you will receive an automated confirmation email. Within the confirmation email there is a live link to your registration record; click on the link, then at the top of the screen, click on the 'Receipt/Invoice' box. This will open your printable receipt.

Will there be fouls?

Anyone who has participated in other BOLD programs may be accustomed to adhering to stringent policies related to attendance and participation. BOLD Pivot requires each attendee to be self-reliant. The use of Accountability Partners for script practice and goal achievement are highly encouraged!