BOLD Local

Host a BOLD


Bring BOLD to your market center.

Host a BOLD

Investment: Commit to minimum of 80 participants

Format: Digital

Duration: 6 weeks (3 hours, 1 day per week)

Production Level: All


A changing market requires a change in approach. BOLD was created to help you shift your mindset and adopt the tactics and scripts proven to bring success in today’s extraordinary business landscape.

Key Takeaways:

  • A reset of your mindset, ensuring you can help overcome your limiting beliefs and obtain big goals
  • Time-saving strategies and techniques to operate leanly and efficiently
  • Access to proven, timely scripts and the delivery methods that naturally influence people to work with you
  • Guidance on how to mine your database and leverage Command to run a digital-savvy business
  • Best practices for makings calls, setting appointments, and closing contracts RIGHT NOW


  • This course brings the in-person BOLD atmosphere to the digital world
  • Each location will be on their own Zoom meeting with the BOLD Coach assigned
  • All attendees will have cameras on and normal BOLD foul structure in place (5 or more fouls and attendee does not graduate)
  • All course materials will be provided digitally in the weekly emails (starting week prior)
  • 6 weeks (3 hours, 1 day per week)
  • $399 per person
  • Participants will be broken out into teams and team captains selected to maximize the accountability and engagement in the course

Standards for Hosting Market Center:

  • Commit to a minimum of 80 participants by Step 1, 60-plus paid registrants by the week prior or location is subject to cancellation or merging with another location
  • You may host a BOLD Launch with another market center (total goal is 80)
  • Participate in weekly BOLD Leadership Calls with launching BOLD Coach, begins week after location is confirmed
  • Engage in all steps of BOLD Launch