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Mastery: Agent (Canadian ACH)

This program consists of approximately 60 high-impact phone sessions with your personal coach.

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Investment: $1,000 / Month

Format: One-on-one

Target Audience: Agents

Starts: Any time

Production Level: GCI > $150,000


KW MAPS Coaching’s award-winning mastery program guides you to focus on solutions, gain awareness of your unique strengths, and identify areas for development so that blind spots, gaps in skills or bad habits don’t get in the way of your success.

Developed from models established in Gary Keller’s national bestsellers The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, The ONE Thing and SHIFT, Mastery Coaching teaches agents to think a million, earn a million, net a million and receive a million. It is designed for those willing and ready to take their career to the top of the real estate industry.

Mastery Coaching offers a personalized experience, elite privileges, exclusivity and high accountability through weekly individual coaching sessions that will maximize your returns.

What to Expect

We will empower you to make more money.

The achievement of your big goals is our top priority. Join the Mastery program to receive:

  • 60 coaching calls per year (42 one-on-one plus 18 event group calls)
  • And, if you’re ever between weekly calls and need extra support, our coaching-on-demand team is always standing by, ready to help

We will provide you with choice.

A coaching relationship is a partnership. When your livelihood and business is what’s at stake, it’s critical to find the perfect match. You have the ability to choose your coach. If your first pairing isn’t right, we’ll find one that is.

We are your partner in building and training your team.

We’ve created the resources and free training you need, exclusively for you and your team to leverage.

  • Comprehensive KW MAPS Coaching training calendar
  • Free entry into a KW MAPS Coaching Models Course

We will offer you an elite community.

Be a part of a community and referral network of our top 4,500 associates.

  • Invitation to Mastery Business Planning Event and motivational speaker
  • Free ticket to Family Reunion, Mega Camp and Spring Masterminds
    • Upfront seating, lounge access and evening experience for each (in-person events)
  • Exclusive Mastery Networking Events (in-person events)
  • Franchise Systems Orientation Discount
  • More Privileges here

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