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Never Ending Referrals for Market Centers

Fast Track

Bring Never Ending Referrals to your Market Center and help your agents take their data bases to new levels of success!

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Profit Camp


Profit Camp is designed to help you get real with your profit NOW.

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Coaching Skills Camp


Coaching Skills Camp 2.0 is the playbook for leaders and coaching.

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Performance Agent


Work with a coach to identify what might be interfering with your growth. Address those challenges, and live in alignment with your commitments. Agents qualify by having a GCI that is between $75,000 – $149,000.

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Agent Coaching


For ambitious KW Agents who are looking to take their first step on the path to mastery. To join Breakthrough, you must qualify by having a GCI that is between $75,000 – $149,000.

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BOLD Classroom Experience


Business Objective: A Life By Design

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Team Leader


This product is for Active Team Leaders, Assistant Team Leaders, Directors of Growth or new hires into these roles looking for a fundamental starting place or simple reset in the simple activities and systems of growth and leadership. It will include daily live training, role play, and high-level accountability with number tracking.

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Productivity Coach


PC Coaching provides the 1-on-1 attention from a highly trained “Coach’s Coach.” Implement strategies from the Gamebook to increase your agents’ productivity by 50%.

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