Group: 90 Listings in 90 Days

Do you seek to increase production for your seller and buyer business? Take the 90-day challenge!

Investment: $298 USD

Format: Call

Target Audience: Listing Specialists and All Agents Sales/ Negotiations

Length: 8 weeks


The strategies outlined in the Group Coaching program “90 Listings in 90 Days” will empower you to create new habits, a high-production culture, and elevate the “norm” for daily business. Exponentially increase your seller industry during this invigorating challenge.

This course with The Loken Group will arm you with models to organize a sales team, prospecting systems for listings and buyers, accountability and tracking strategies, scripts, and role-playing techniques that will transform your business.

What to Expect

  • Mindset for overcoming limiting beliefs and breaking through ceilings
  • Learn how to know your market numbers to close more listings
  • Proven scripts for sphere, expired listings, circle prospecting, FSBOs, investors, door knocking and more
  • Lead follow-up systems and scripts
  • Learn how to receive “come list me’s” each month using social media
  • Lead tracking and pre-qualifying materials
  • Setting big goals and staying committed to obtaining them
  • Receive proven system to keep sellers happy after you sign the contract through closing

There are no holds/refunds/cancellations in Group Coaching. All calls will be recorded for your streaming purposes and you will receive access to these recordings upon signup.