Wally Malesh

Wally Malesh is an Executive Coach with KW MAPS. Wally has over 40 years’ experience has a highly successful, entrepreneur, educator, coach, author, and strategic thinker. His strong belief in a commitment to the power of personal growth is clearly evident in his award-winning career and accomplishments.

He has authored numerous publications include an eBook, Powerful Questions Create Powerful Outcomes, A Weekly Journal and the international read weekly blog “Monday Mindset”. In addition to his publications Wally is a sought have speaker, motivator, and trainer both online and in-person throughout North America.

Wally’s primary focus is coaching growing MEGA teams from businesses Grossing $1,000,000+ annually to Netting $1,000,000 annually and consistently maintain a 30%+ profit margin. His clients have been seen “on stage” at Keller Williams annual international events including Family Reunion and MEGA Camp.

Wally’s mission: Build CEO level coaching relationships that turn the Keller Williams Mission Statement into reality. Careers Worth Having, Businesses Worth Owning, Lives Worth Living, Experiences Worth Giving and Legacies Worth Leaving