Tyler Elstrom

“The ADHD Realtor Coach” specializes in agents with ADHD producing $350k or more in annual gross commission who are also building teams.

Background: Before becoming a full time MAPS Coach in 2018, Tyler co-ran a team consistently ranked in the Top 100 teams in Keller Williams from 2013-2017 doing over 300 units in their highest year. He also launched and ran 22 expansion locations. Tyler has spoken internationally and presented to audiences as large as 14,000 people. He was the Keynote speaker for Keller Williams Family Reunion in Bodrum,Turkey. He has also been notably featured on stage with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan discussing their #1 Wall Street Journal best selling book “The One Thing”.

Specialty: Tyler’s background working in mental health as well as a personal ADHD diagnosis allow him to identify the way ADHD shows up for each individual agent. This provides the ability to harness the gift of hyperfocus, creativity, and passion in each agent that can come with ADHD, while streamlining the business and leveraging everything that doesn’t bring the agent into their joy zone. This also includes best practices from other realtors in the ADHD Realtor community, education on terms like “time blindness”, “rejection sensitivity dysphoria”, “executive dysfunction” and the intricacies of ADHD with suggested tools. When surveyed in 2022, 68% of his clients with ADHD had tripled their annual commission over the last 3 years and reported a significant increase in quality of life and enjoyment of their role.

Coaching Style: Curiosity based accountability. Caring yet firm. Tyler weaves in his sense of humor and a down to earth relationship with each client to create a judgment free zone of growth and vulnerability while pushing limits and expanding income. He brings a strong emphasis on number tracking, finances, time blocking, team building and dynamics, leadership skills, and personal development. *LGBTQ+ affirming