Tara Smith

Check out my “Rock Rock Bottom Story” on Episode #30

Tara Smith from Lexington Kentucky, started her journey with Keller Williams in 2013 as a Mega Agent and KW Franchise Investor.  Immediately she stepped into a CEO role and launched a Market Center that won the national production award with Keller Williams Realty for a launching Market Center that year.  She has since partnered with Maps Coaching as an Agent Coach and went on to become a Leadership Coach, coaching Franchise Owners and CEOs inside and outside of the United States.  In 2016, Tara was asked to help launch a Market Center in Cincinnati, Ohio where she currently serves (since September of 2019) as the Team Leader and Operating Principal.  Her time in this these roles has been focused on value and growth.  She also is the Operating Principal of Keller Williams Commonwealth in Lexington, Kentucky.

Tara Smith and her Leadership Team have black belted 4 times since 2019, twice in 2020 for Gross and Net, and Gross for 2021 and 2022 in her Cincinnati Market Center.  

Tara’s commitment to value and serving people energizes her daily.  She is passionate about helping people achieve their person potential as it relates to impacting the world, bringing “magic” and possibility and empowering others to make a difference.  She believes failure is the ultimate pathway to success and celebrates vulnerability and authenticity in her life and her personal leadership style.

Tara’s coaching strengths are built around creating winning Market Center Operations, dynamic Market Center Teams, Advancing the Ball in Numbers and Culture, Grit, Tenacity, and creating Black Belt Team Leaders.  A great coaching partnership is partnering with a client that has something to prove, is committed to being #1 in the Market, in the State, and in the Country.