Susan Joiner

Susan Joiner started her residential real estate journey in 2005 at KW Austin NW, following a highly successful career in journalism, public relations and sales.

In 2008, she was invited into the Market Center’s ATL role, where she learned how to recruit, and then moved into the Productivity Coaching role in 2010. 

Susan began to excel in the PC role when she hired a MAPS Coach, growing her program from seven to 175+ agents with almost $900K in company dollar. 

By 2016, Susan was among the top three PCs in the nation, and became a MAPS Coach, where she is currently leading a number of her PC clients to contribute 22% to 49% of their Market Center’s company dollar. 

One of her clients says: “Susan has an uncanny ability to show someone that she cares while simultaneously reminding them of their potential and helping them bridge the gap between where they are and where they could be. She has made sure every step of the way to add value, meet me where I am, and help me get to the next step.”

A common refrain from Susan’s clients is, “This coaching experience is exactly what I hoped it would be.”