Ryan Allen

I have been in the business since 2012 and have been in every seat of a 7th level team. I began my real estate career as an Executive Administrator transitioning to Director of Operations to a single agent and grew the team to 14 members in 3 years closing $25M in sales. During that time, I opened a Transaction Management company closing 850 transactions between the real estate business and tc business in 2019. During 2019 I also got my real estate license and earned the Rookie of the Year title for our board that same year. I began my coaching career in 2019 to empower leaders within the Real Estate organization to build net worth, leadership skills, scalable systems and success through others.

My husband and I now own a real estate team of our own and will close 200 units this year in our market while building wealth through investing in real estate. 

I am a mother of Gauge, who is 8, my stepson Ashton, who is 6, and my daughter Lennox, who is 5. 

My ideal client is not in a specific role. They are driven, goal oriented, and are already sprinting. They just need someone to run along-side of them while directing them across the finish line. They are the unspoken leaders that are unwilling to take no for an answer. They are interested in building big lives through real estate teams and investing. My ideal client gains energy through people and the systems that support those people.