Roxane Webster

Roxane has been in real estate since 1997. In that time, she has sold hundreds of houses and been deeply steeped in the Real Estate Education Community. She taught Real Estate Licensure for several years and is now a national real estate coach, assisting dozens of businesses to grow in production, profitability and real estate investment for wealth building.

Roxane is considered a thought leader in her industry because of her depth of experience and adaptability. Prior to the great recession, she pivoted her business model and built a network of attorneys, CPAs and financial planners who agreed to provide free guidance to homeowners facing foreclosure. During this period Roxane joined forces with Keith Alba and Jake Gienger to form My Home Team, one of the most successful real estate teams in the Denver Metro Area.  As the economy recovered, she again pivoted to teach many of her clients how to build wealth through real estate investment.

The common thread is a passion for stabilizing the financial lives of her clients, other businesses and her community through education and consultation. Roxane is married with 2 grown step-kids, a musician and pretty fun to be around.