Monica Kelts

Monica began her real estate career with Holt Homes Group, KW 6 years ago as a Listing Manager. She currently serves as the VP of Expansion and Agent Services for Verus Network that was established by merging two mega teams in 2022. With their combined numbers, Verus is projected to help over 700 families reach their real estate goals in 2022. Monica is responsible for moving the business forward through reviews and referrals, systematized events and marketing, creating and implementing scalable systems and processes, reviewing agent pipeline reports, as well as coaching and training and retaining the Operations side of the team. She has spent time mastering each role on the team to provide the highest level of support possible throughout lead generation, sales and administrative support.

Monica is also the co-owner of Onward Agent Services with fellow MAPS Coach, Rachel Lusk. OAS is a business that provides leverage to Keller Williams agents, teams and Market Center’s as they follow KW specific systems and models around transaction coordination, database management and marketing services.

As a DOO and Agent MAPS Coach, Monica is excited to partner with other professionals to build a solid foundation for a profitable business with scalable systems and processes, clear goals with high accountability and a culture that no one will want to leave!

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