Michaelann Byerly

Michaelann Byerly began in real estate in Pennsylvania. She grew her personal real estate business from 87 sales a year to over 200 sales a year in three short years, while working less than 200 days a year with a team of four. Michaelann closed over 960 homes in a 5 year period with the help of her business coach, before deciding to move to Florida. At the suggestion of Tony DiCello, her Keller Williams’ sponsor and coach, she took on the role of Team Leader.

Michaelann was recognized as one of the top 25 Team Leaders within Keller Williams Realty International her first year in this role. Michaelann grew the market center from 47 agents to295 agents in two and half years, making it the most profitable and productive market center in her region. She then went on to launch another successful market center, profitable and profit sharing in their first transmittal with 95 agents.

When the market shifted, Michaelann decided to take advantage of the market of the moment and went back to selling. She listed 100 properties in her first 90 days in a new city. Not long after, she was featured as the cover story for KWRI’s OutFront Magazine for “out-skilling the market” in a shift!

Michaelann has been coaching agents for 22 years. She has coached the top agents and teams with KW MAPS Coaching since 2006. Michaelann became a KW MAPS Bold Coach in 2009.

Michaelann is quoted in the best-seller “Shift”. She can be seen sharing her listing strategies onKW Connect and on various top producer panels at KW Family Reunion and KW MAPS Masterminds. During the shift, she was interviewed by Gary Keller where she shared how to succeed with sellers in a shifting market.

Michaelann lives and works in Las Vegas with her husband Michael who is also part of her real estate team.