Michael Wolters


An 8-year veteran in the real estate world, Mike got into the real estate space after a 20 year run in the Big Box retail space, leading multiple stores and coaching thousands of agents along the way. Coaching, and being coached is nothing new to Mike. Starting in high school and continuing through college, Mike learned the value of having a great coach.. He credits great coaching for getting him from being an “average” runner to one earning a D1 running scholarship and funding his way to earning a college degree. 

Inside of his business, Mike owns a large team in Salt Lake City, Utah and attributes his teams success, in part, to always having a coach who is aligned with his goals and not letting him settle for anything less than his best. 

Within MAPS coaching, Mike coaches with Energy and Commitment – and his influence on his clients has led to major breakthroughs in both their business as well as ventures outside of their real estate world!

In his free time, Mike is a proud and active father of 2 and partner to his girlfriend of many years. While this occupies a lot of his time, Mike’s other passion of running still finds time in his daily schedule (usually at 5am each morning). Mike ran 12 marathons and has nearly finished with his quest of finishing the World Majors (Boston, New York, Chicago, Berlin, London and Tokyo).