Michael Tough

25 years in film and television production taught Michael three incredible skills – work ethic, commitment to detail, and that liking the tasks was irrelevant to completing them!

That is not to say Michael disliked a successful 25-year career in film and television. On the contrary. The wild and crazy ride of making movies was an incredible experience.

The reality was, however, that once cameras started to roll, a production is like a snowball rolling downhill gaining speed and size. Doing whatever it takes to ensure a high level of success was not an option. It was the only option.

And that skillset was an easy transition to real estate in 2009. Michael always knew what hard work was. He had a definition of ‘whatever it takes’ that could serve him in a world where ‘whatever it takes’ could translate into incredible reward for his family.

Drive, determination, and obsessive persistence led Michael to the top 2% of the Toronto Real Estate Board and the Canadian Real Estate Association every year as a solo Realtor.

Becoming aware that hard work required a mindset shift to smart and purposeful work allowed Michael to recognize that hiring a MAPS Coach was the next critical stage in his business. And the results compounded quickly. Being accountable to a coach allowed Michael to transition from solo Realtor to leading a team.

That desire to help others achieve their goals became the natural doorway to becoming a MAPS Coach. Helping our incredible MAPS client partners create success; achieve their goals; and build their biggest life possible remains Michael’s priority in every coaching call.

In Michael’s words, “You have to give up to go up. And yes, the planned and willing sacrifice in pursuit of a worthy goal is well worth it. There is no greater joy then watching someone embrace the journey and achieve incredible success.”

Welcome to MAPS Coaching. Welcome to your life by design.