Melanie Peters

Melanie began her real estate career in the finance side of real estate in 1998, after a few years of managing the Mortgage Finance partnerships with American Savings Bank, now JPMorgan, Chase.  She was recruited by Norwest Mortgage during their buyout of Wells Fargo Bank to run their Southern California Mortgage Region of the newly merged company.  She took on a team doing $110 million in annual sales and grew that team to closing over $1 billion dollars in sales. She was responsible for partnering with local Realtor partners to grow market share through marketing agreements and joint ventures.  

Melanie worked with coaching companies like Mike Ferry, Brian Buffini, Tom Ferry and others to develop the productivity of her sales team and to better partner with the local real estate community.

When MREA was published by Gary Keller, Melanie adopted many of the systems and models of MREA.  Changing the three L’s to Leads, Loans and Leverage, her team flourished and was consistently among the top performing areas in the country.  

Melanie left Wells Fargo in 2012 when her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  She changed career directions and opened a successful retail boutique allowing her to become a true business owner.

In November 2014 Melanie got a call from Ron Putulski, who shared what he was doing at Keller Williams and what his vision was for the future of what was then called “Transformational Coaching”.  In 18 months, Melanie completed her Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, obtained her Masters Practitioner certification in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She joined Keller Williams In 2016.

Melanie is a full time coach who enjoys a variety of clients from teams closing hundreds of sales, leadership clients and high performing single agents. Melanie is an avid reader and lifelong student of human potential, a neuroscience geek and is passionate about supporting people in living their “Life by Design”.