maria gallelli

Maria Gallelli

Maria has been a leader with Keller Williams for over 9 years. She served as the MCA/CFO of KW Washington Township for 6 years. Maria became a MAPS Coach and has coached leaders in the U.S. and Internationally. Maria’s background in the corporate world as Controller, CFO, and COO for companies such as American Express, Rosenbluth International, and Allianz Life led her to helping all levels of business leaders. MAPS Coaching provided an opportunity for her to combine her business acumen and coaching experience to help grow leaders, their teams, and in turn, their businesses. Maria has had the opportunity to teach Leadership Fundamentals to hundreds of leaders in several regions across the country. Training and teaching are a huge passion for Maria and she continues to teach Agent Financials, Six Personal Perspectives, and other KWU classes across KW Market Centers. Her passion for leadership comes from some of those unique work cultures that were rooted in gaining and sharing knowledge to serve a higher purpose.

Her super power is taking MREA economic and financial models and breaking it down to understandable components that can support the strategies and goals of any organization.

Team dynamics is another area of focus. Understanding how the KPA tool can help team members work together at a high level is the key to accomplishing big goals.