Lynn Tortorigi

Lynn Tortorigi Mission Statement: To coach and inspire others through encouragement, leadership and support. To help them determine their purpose and realize their unlimited potential by empowering and challenging them to build on their strengths and learn from their opportunities.

Lynn Tortorigi’s career has spanned over 30 years working with families in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry.   In their Mortgage business, Lynn handled all the Accounting aspects of the business for 22 years.  After she and her husband sold their Mortgage business in 2013, she shifted gears and became a Keller Williams Realtor. She helped numerous families in the Fort Worth area find their dream home.  In 2017 she and her husband moved to Georgia to be closer to their 2 Beautiful Grandchildren, June Frances and Bobby. Because of her love of Accounting and Real Estate, she took an Assistant MCA position with Keller Williams North Atlanta in May of 2017 and took the role of MCA in November 2017.  She loves the MCA Role because she gets to help agents grow their business by helping them understand their numbers so that they can reach their goals.  

After helping a new MCA in a Launching MC in her Region, Lynn knew that her path would be coaching. She genuinely enjoys coaching and helping people through life challenges and helping them see their opportunities.  In being a MAPS Coach, she is so excited to spread her love of the MCA role to other MCA’s and to show them the wonderful opportunities that KW has to offer. And of course, help every MCA she coaches, see the potential to become a Million Dollar MC!