Loredana Ghete

Mission: Impact lives globally through creating opportunities for others 
To inspire people choose their destiny, and live better lives
Values: Family, People, Integrity and Work Ethic
Belief: People before profits
Perspective: Attract empire builders in my world through constantly expanding my vision, building validity and inspiring others.

Loredana immigrated from Romania in 2014 and became a proud American citizen through naturalization in 2019. She joined Keller Williams North Atlanta also known as KW North Fulton as an agent in 2015 and shortly after, was presented the opportunity to join the leadership team where she played different roles. Loredana had the opportunity to work alongside amazing leaders and together managed to grow the Market Center from 150 agents to 400 agents in 3 years and from $441,000 in profit to $900,000 in profit. Being in different roles on the leadership team helped her get perspective on the how to’s of each role and and the right WHOs needed for a successful and effective MREA MC team. 

As the Team Leader of Keller Williams North Atlanta, Loredana has led the Market Center on the path to become a Millionaire Real Estate Market Center and grow from 400 agents to 600 agents and from $900,000 in profit to $1,300,000.

Loredana’s international business experience and unique perspective has helped her learn how to succeed through others. Loredana plays several different roles within the KW world as well as the business world and absolutely loves what she does! 

MAPS Coach:

  • As a MAPS Coach Loredana has the opportunity to bring a unique perspective to the conversation and impact the lives and careers of other Leaders in our Company
  • As a Maps Coach Loredana has the opportunity to be poured into by one of the TOP coaches in the industry – Matt Teter who is also her Head MAPS Coach

Team Leader:

  • Black belt TL
  • Grown the MC from 400 agents to 600 and from $900,000 in profit to $1.3MIL in profit. 
  • KW North Fulton is one of the ten MREA Market Centers in the world in profit and profit share and ranking #3 in Profit from over 819 Market Centers.
  • In her role Loredana has held over 2,000 recruiting appointments and hired over 800 agents to KW
  • Using the MREA systems and models in coaching and consulting agents, Loredana has helped create 7 MREA teams in two years.
  • Loredana has the opportunity to impact daily over 600 agents lives and businesses every day through coaching and consulting 
  • One of the things Loredana is most proud of is the executive leadership team she has built and all the people she brought together to work as ONE TEAM, who has become one of the most efficient executive leadership teams within KW

KWW Investor:

  • Originally from Romania, Loredana is passionate about impacting the real estate industry in Romania and all over the world. 
  • Loredana has the opportunity to hold masterminds and training events for Top agents in Romania and other regions in KWW.
  • Coach and consult the leadership team in three different MCs in Romania

Virtual Assistant Company – Legacy Leverage:

  • Loredana is the founder and a co-owner of a Virtual Assistant Company that services three Market Centers with a total of 1500 agents

Holding Company- Windpark Holding:

  • Loredana is a co-owner and qualifying broker of Windpark Holding – a holding company with close to 100 agents that holds real estate licenses on active status for referral purposes.

Real Estate Investor:

  • Real estate has been in Loredana’s world her entire life. 
  • She started investing in real estate when she was 22 and currently an MREI with a portfolio of 15 investment properties residential and commercial here in the United States as well as in Romania. 
  • Long term and short term rentals

Profit Share:

  • Loredana’s Virtual Market Center has over 150 agents 6 levels deep and over $130,000 lifetime profit share earned.  

International Business experience:

  • Before moving to the US, Loredana and her husband owned a group of 12 franchised “Orange Stores” in the telecommunication industry in Romania with 40 employees and over $1MIL in annual revenue. When Loredana moved to the US, she and her husband created an exit plan and sold the business for a profit. 
  • Loredana and her husband also owned several other businesses in Romania in the real estate industry and the car industry and currently active Real Estate Investors as well as other businesses in Romania.