Leah Lemberg

Leah exited her role as Director of Sales with the team she was a part of early in her coaching experience so that she could truly give her all to this career.

Leah describes her work as “coaching the Human Sales team”. She works with rainmakers to develop empathetic leadership skills to guide their team towards big, revolutionary goals, while maintaining a healthy life for themselves, as well as each member of their team. To do this, Leah works individually with the team’s leadership (RM, DOS, DOL, DOO), and collectively with the sales team. This allows her to have a comprehensive view of the strengths and weaknesses of the team, and serve as a translator between the different segments. This style of coaching allows everyone to achieve more and better than they would individually, with less frustration and burnout. This leads to quicker success and higher retention, thus creating bigger and better profits. 

Clients partnering with Leah have come to expect a very authentic, no holds barred approach to coaching. They know her true personality, not a coach caricature. They are clear that coming into her roster means that they are entering into a business partnership, where both parties consistently show up at their very best to achieve the success they desire.