Kristen Wilson

Kristen Wilson has over 30 years of experience in Marketing and Sales. After working for various industries for several years, Kristen realized she could help more people by applying her expertise in the Real Estate industry.  Kristen began her real estate career as support to her husband and business partner Lionel Wilson. This allowed her to learn all aspects of the business and create a marketing system that quickly catapulted their team to number one in sales at their local Market Center. From there she grew to become the CEO and lead agent for her team, building the team to 10 Agents and Administrative Specialists. Kristen quickly grew from an average of 36 units to over 70+ units.

While coaching production and training at the Market Center Kristen truly found a passion and began to earn the right to become a Maps Coach. In June of 2018 her dream was realized and she began her Maps Coaching journey. Kristen’s specialty as a coach is working with family teams. Her strength is helping her clients achieve their goals while learning to set boundaries and live their life by design. A Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming Kristen is both a production and performance coach. As a full time coach Kristen made the amazing decision to partner her business with the Laura Gillott Home Team, the #1 team in Oregon which has given her a front row seat to the inner workings of the community on a large team, culture and production of over 500 units. 

When she isn’t working Kristen is actively involved in her community and supports local non-profits. She has worked for several areas with her local church and college student groups writing, directing and producing inspirational dramas for the community. She loves adventures with her husband Lionel and her adult Children LJ and Sarah Wilson, Jeremiah Wilson, Caleb Wilson, and Bethany and Zachary Olson, however her greatest joy is her 3 grandsons and the reason her mission is to leave a legacy of transformation.