Kristan Cole

“Kristan is one of the most qualified individuals in our entire industry to teach agent expansion.” – Gary Keller

Kristan Cole, CEO Lifestyle Homes Worldwide, a member of the Kristan Cole Real Estate Network.  Megan Agent with 40+ expansion locations with more than 1,969 transactions and $619,000,000 in volume for 2021.  Speaker and Elite Consultant to the top 1% of all real estate teams & businesses.  37+ years of Real Estate Experience and Broker in multiple states.  Finalist Inman Innovator of the Year 2018.  Several high-profile industry rankings such as Top 20 real estate teams by REAL Trends and the Wall Street Journal.  Developed native App for KCN Rewards, a VIP loyalty program.  Operating Principal of multiple market centers and business centers, and investor in many.  Held many positions serving KWRI and Gary Keller including Talen Search Director, Director of KW Commercial Leadership Council, Regional Director of Southwest Region, Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion, Master Faculty, and MAPS Coach.  Founder of Kristan’s Home of Hope, 501C3 that supports Safe Housing For At-Risk Youth!.  Top 5 Expansion Businesses in Keller Williams.