Kourtney Piotrowski

As a lifelong Chicago native, minus a 3-year detour to obtain a degree in Visual Communications & Design in Los Angeles, Kourtney is well-versed on the ins and outs of real estate in Chicagoland. It’s no easy feat to be a recipient of Chicago Magazine’s RISING STAR AWARD her second year in real estate, and to think that was only just the beginning…

Now, ten years later, Kourtney is the lead partner on MPG, one of Chicago’s top Real Estate Teams, putting her vast experience to work for clients. And while she may exhibit a demure exterior, on the inside this multiple award-winning agent is energetic, enthusiastic, professional, and wise beyond her years. She listens, consults and takes action. She not only leads the team, she leads our clients to victory. These skills have allowed her to seamlessly transition into 1-on-1 coaching with MAPS. 

In her spare time, Kourtney enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 kids, and dog. Exploring all the city has to offer, like world class dining, entertainment, and unmatched experiences that her kids can now experience, too. Life experience combined with the magic of Chicago equates to a life full of fun family time and stellar real estate and coaching businesses. Kourtney enjoys sharing her passion for family, city life, vegan food, and travel and always looking for ways to work those passions into investment opportunities to build a powerful, full life!