Katie Force-White

Katie Force-White began her career in real estate in 2011. Within three years, she was given to opportunity to become the Team Leader of her office and spent three years in that role. Katie decided to become a John Maxwell Certified Coach and utilized what she learned through that opportunity in all her future endeavors.

Katie decided to leave the role as Team Leader and joined United Home Group as a regional director in expansion and began pursuing her career as a MAPS Coach. She has a passion for helping those who are looking for a holistic approach to coaching. She does not solely coach to the business, but to the whole person, helping individuals achieve a balanced life with work and family.

Katie is currently finishing her IPEC certification and is certified in the Energy Leadership Index assessment.  She loves working with clients and helping them to build a business that allows them to leverage.  With that leverage they can live their best life.  For some that means travel and others it means more time with family. She works with a lot of clients who are looking to stay small but have a big business that allow them the financial freedom to live their best lives.