Kathy Toth

When looking for a coach, experience and success matter. Kathy Toth brings both to the table for those who are committed to achieving goals through partnership. Kathy built a 7th level real estate team that qualified her to be included in Gary Keller’s private mastermind group. The Toth Team Worldwide, consisted of concierge admin, both local and virtual; buyer and listing specialists; a trainer; inside sales, marketing and expansion team, resulting in 45% referral business based on The Promise and supporting the community.

She is widely known for her Luxury and trademarked marketing and direct response programs for which her clients and your clients will happily pay an added value fee to get more money from every relationship built.

Is your team rowing in the same direction using implementing winning systems? How many referrals from your clients have you generated this year? Ultimately, Kathy obtained her financial freedom and successfully merged with another Mega Team to pursue her 20%, which is coaching other real estate agents to live their life by design by helping them go from Production to Reproduction by following proven models, building relationships, and running a profitable business.

What is your engineered exit plan to optionally retire? Her 30 + years experience is enhanced by her study of the real estate business, devouring business books, networking with other top agents, and her personal coaching. In addition, she coupled her Masters in Business Administration; double major in Masters and Finance, with an on the job education from the School of Hard Knocks with receipts to prove it! What clients say they appreciate most about working with her is her tenacious demeanor on their behalf to listen and comprehend what clients want to accomplish and why. Kathy can now be found, when she is not coaching, skiing, playing golf, boating, and traveling with her husband of 40 years. Schedule a discovery call 734-216-7845.