Joshua Stern

Joshua Stern started his real estate career in 2003.  In 2004 the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book came out and changed Joshua’s trajectory.  He had a laser focus from that point forward:  to join Keller Williams and pursue a Millionaire Agent 7th level business.  Joshua learned early on that life is about the journey not the destination.  Joshua hired his first MAPS Coach in 2013 he had built his 7th level business by 2016 with a team doing more than 350 transactions in the State of Utah.  The only team at the time with such high transaction numbers in Utah.  But the journey was the destination.  In the process of becoming owner of a 7th level real estate team Joshua also joined Gary’s Mastermind group and began his MAPS coaching career coaching some of Keller Williams top Rainmakers. Joshua is an agent partner in 2 Keller Williams’ market centers.  He has served a decade on the ALC, Regional ALC and IALC. In 2021 Joshua sold the Stern Team, his legacy, to the leadership who’d risen with him throughout the previous 7 years with a mission.  Joshua’s WHY is to help others to achieve their own greatness potential.  Joshua still loves coaching to this day and is honored to be affiliated as a coach with the MAPS coaching business that helped him to achieve his dream of a 7th level real estate business.