Joe Bogar

Recognized within Keller Williams as an industry giant in the world of real estate and coaching, Joe Bogar is an Executive Coach, co-founder, and the President of CORE Leaders.

Coupled with both success and renown, Joe is known for his encouraging spirit and energetic personality. Years of coaching, successful partnerships, and a proven track-record of success has brought Joe critical acclaim from those in and out of his field. His ability to see complex situations both simply and optimistically has enabled him to help leaders simplify scaling businesses, and develop themselves internally by taking a whole-person approach.

Joe credits being accountable, actionable, and purposeful to his success. At age 30, he found his aptitude in real estate and challenged industry norms. Leveraging his reach by partnering with others, Joe and his team used their cumulative expertise to gain prestige and recognition in the Denver, CO area. With over 20 years of experience, Joe built a thriving business built on honesty, integrity, and reliability.

In 2008, Joe became a certified coach within Keller Williams. Finding accomplishment under his guidance, Joe’s coaching clients saw massive and measurable advancement in the areas of personal and professional development. Guiding others while empowering them to grow, aligned with Joe’s values seamlessly. Notably, in 2013, while balancing both coaching and closing deals in real estate, Joe’s leadership led his own team to be ranked in the Top 100 within the Keller Williams residential sales division over the next several years. Over the course of his career, he served as President of MAPS, a sales training and coaching division, and is invested in two successful real estate franchises.

Joe’s personal mission is to assist others in living their best life, and knows that the best wisdom is applicable, practiced, and refined. Joe currently resides in Austin, TX where he enjoys helping others exponentially achieve their personal and professional goals.

In his personal life, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife, two daughters, exploring the outdoors, and serving in ministry.