Jessica Fox Wimmer

Jessica Fox is a MAPS Leadership Coach, Recruitment Trainer & Cyberbacker Franchise Owner who has been in real estate her adult life. She recruited well over 2,000 agents during her tenure as a Team Leader and coached them to develop strong, profitable real estate businesses.  She has helped several offices launch and relaunch to profitability.  She develops strong recruiting systems in each office she works with.  Jessica enjoys helping her clients hit their potential and her positive attitude inspires them to go for it.  She supports them by giving them the resources, tools, accountability and environment to prosper. 

Jessica Fox’s greatest passion is helping people grow, to hit their true potential and thrive in the ever-changing Florida real estate market since 2004. She has been coaching, teaching, and leading top real estate agents. Having been in real estate since the ‘mls book’, she has experienced several real estate industry changes and market shifts. Her love of real estate and technology makes her a strong leader through today’s real estate tech shift. 

Jessica Fox’s current passion project is VirtualSupportBackers powered by Cyberbacker and Database Backer which helps leaders find talents that’s Command-trained and Kellerized to support their businesses. She is also offering a 6 Week Recruiting Skills Boot Camp to level up experienced agent recruiting results quickly using Experienced Agent Recruiting Training, Real play/Role play, Practice, Competition, Accountability and “Recruiting in a Box”.

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