Jesse Allen

Jesse has been a Leader in Real Estate for 6 years, as a CEO, business builder, Investor, and most recently Investor/Agent Coach. Jesse’s “big why” is to have a legacy worth leaving but not at the expense of time spent with those he loves.

In 2017, Jesse was recruited by a top agent in his area to get his license and little did he know, it would forever change his life and those around him. Very quickly he learned that relationships would be key to being successful. With no sphere of influence or family in the area, he closed 70 transactions in his first full year as an agent. In 2018, he joined Keller Williams as the Director of Sales for a top producing team. While there, he was introduced to the investing world. He built relationships with hard money lenders and created partnerships with other investors. During this time, he found creative ways to fund projects without using any of his own money.

In 2021, he decided to step out as a single agent and started AGL Properties. The company grew very quickly through recruiting top talent and high accountability. In 18 months he grew his team to 182 closed transactions. He has increased his investment opportunities through the team by hiring virtual assistants to find off market properties.

Jesse is passionate about growing wealth through real estate and believes in finding ways to make a deal work through proven models and creative financing. He truly believes that investing in real estate is the fastest way to grow your wealth and that agents do not take advantage of this enough. He loves traveling around his area and sharing his knowledge with other market centers on how to build your business and grow production. He understands that it’s possible to build a big business but not at the expense of time with his family.

In his time off, Jesse loves traveling to new places and spending time with his family. He loves hiking and kayaking any chance that he can and loves to feel the rush of adrenaline when doing something new and exciting. He attends sporting events regularly and is currently in the process of getting his private pilot’s license.

His accomplishments include recognition for: Nominated for Team Rookie Of The Year, ALC Chair for 2 years, and Top 5% Agent for 4 years.