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Jeanne Osness

Jeanne Osness is an Executive Coach and has been a MAPS coach since 2014. She is the mother of 7 and grandmother (Jeje) of 13. She has written several courses for KWRI and MAPS and continues to deliver those courses throughout the country. Her coaching specialty is Profit…how to run a profitable business. Her passion is helping others to live a Life Worth Living vs a life by default. She has been a Mega Agent, Productivity Coach, Asst. Team Leader, Team Leader, MAPS Director of Agent Coaches, Head Coach and Executive Coach. She has been in real estate since 1995 so has seen a few things over the years. She currently resides in Eugene, Oregon with her dog Wyatt. 

  • Profit Camp

    Profit Camp is designed to help you get real with your profit NOW.

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  • Coaching Skills Camp

    Coaching Skills Camp 2.0 is the playbook for leaders and coaching.

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