Holly Haws

Holly Haws has been a MAPS Coach for over 5 years. Through her excellent track record, she has earned the right to be a Senior Mastery Coach. She works primarily with agents and teams who are building a portfolio of real estate or ancillary businesses or those who work with investors as a significant portion of their business.  The long term coaching clients in her schedule were able to grow their networth by an average of $320,000 each in 2021 and an additional $240,000 in 2022 and attribute much of that success to intentionality through their MAPS coaching partnership.  Holly also has a passion for husband and wife teams – helping each team member clearly define their role and excel.

Holly was a highly driven real estate agent who found a passion for investment properties and helping investors leave a legacy for generations. She sold 44 homes in her first 12 months in the business as a dual career agent and then went on to lead a successful (and profitable) real estate team for 7 additional years. She discovered that her organization ran best “lean and mean” and the team sold more than 130 homes each year during their top 3 years with 4 total people (2 agents and 2 admin). In April of 2022, Holly merged her team with the #1 team in the market center (a successful merge that retained every team member). 

Holly has been married over 11 years and has 2 young kids. She has clearly defined a work-life balance that works for her and she loves helping coaching clients do the same!