Herbert Catania

Herb Catania graduated from California Polytechnic State University in 2009 with a degree in Business Management and Accounting.  He then became the Market Center Administrator, and Director of Operations at a Market Center in Fresno, California.  During his time in the position, he helped the Market Center grow in profitability over 300%, until he was presented with the opportunity to become a MAPS Leadership coach in 2015.  A few years later, he also became the Regional MCA for the Northern California & Hawaii Region, with over 30 Market Centers in the region.

In 2020, Herb obtained a certification in Product Management, shortly after designing and launching the MCA dashboard website, a resource and training website available to all MAPS MCA clients.  In 2021, Herb partnered with Jennie Schlipp to launch the first ever MCA 30-60-90 course.   Herb has coached over 250 leaders in the role of MCA, Assistant MCA, Agent Services, and Assistant Team Leader.  He has also helped develop and launch the MCA Allstar Podcast as a resource for the MCA community.  He is passionate about helping leaders fund their life by design, and is also an active Real Estate investor.

Herb currently resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife Kati and their dog Bailey.  When he’s not occupied by his commitments as a foster parent and full-time Coach and Regional Leader, he enjoys reading, writing, and helping others author, design, and create their purpose filled life.