Heidi Fore

Heidi Fore is an Executive Coach who guides MAPS coaching clients on the path towards profitability and financial independence. She has been a Realtor since 2002, and has sold over 1,000 properties.

Heidi owns 53 rental units. She bought 52 of her rental units in the 41 months from 2018 to 2021 in a low inventory market. Some of the 53 units were houses and condos that she turned into short term rental properties. Some of her 53 units are houses and apartment buildings that are long term rental properties.

To buy the units, Heidi used personal cash, conventional mortgages, cash out refinance loans, private money lending, seller financing, portfolio loans, commercial loans, and her self-directed retirement account. She bought, renovated, rented and sold rental properties in the USA and Costa Rica.