Heather Lamb Wentz

After a career of owning and running a Marina at a lake with her family, Heather moved to Tulsa Oklahoma in 2004. There she was manager and main designer at a custom furniture store. While she was successful and enjoyed helping design homes, she was unfulfilled waiting for clients to come to her.

In 2008, she got into Real Estate for the first time with Keller Williams and learned that she loved it. She joined a team in 2009 as an equal partner and from there, they won first place in the team award. She also won Rookie of the Year for her office, and runner up for her region. In the following years, she won the Excel award for her office, #1 in group award, and many other awards.

She broke off from the team in 2013 and that year she was #1 in the individual category. She was also very involved in Women’s Council of Realtors and held many roles on the board including Vice President & President. During the course of the next few years, she grew her team to include Lead Admin, Marketing Director, Transaction Coordinator, Lead Buyer’s Agent, Showing Assistant, and an Inside Sales roles. She also expanded to St. Louis, MO with 6 people on her team there.

In November of 2016 she joined MAPS Coaching as an agent coach. During this time, she also joined forces with the DHG group and agreed to be their Regional Director for 3 states. In 2019, Heather decided that she loved coaching and handed her team off to her partner, and became a full time MAPS coach. During her coaching career, she has learned she loves helping agents to build big teams and become leaders themselves. She is passionate about helping them live a life by design. In 2019, she moved to Longboat Key (Sarasota) FL and lives there with her husband Brian. 

Outside of coaching, she loves spending time with her Operating Principle husband  and  the rest of her family on the beach by their home.