Greta Frye Wiley

Greta Frye Wiley Greta began her real estate career in 1999 in Winston-Salem, NC. She has been coaching her real estate team for the past 7 years and has been a top producer in her area. She consistently remains in the Top 1% of her MLS and in the Top 5 Agents in her market center. She has served as an ALC member numerous times as well as an investor in her market center. Greta began her career as a single parent and knows the challenges to being a business owner and primary caregiver. She now runs a husband/wife team and is a MAPS Coach.

Greta’s approach to coaching brings clarity, direction, and positive support for her clients. She helps clients live their best life, by filling the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. By identifying where growth is desired, goals and objectives, and accountability, clients will reach their highest goals and dreams.

With Greta as your coach, she will help you to discover answers, find solutions, and create possibilities to move forward in the areas you are seeking results. Greta believes clients are whole, complete, and resourceful, and she will coach you from that perspective. Greta will work one-on-one with you to empower you to take action in your relationships, business, and health to create a “life worth living.”