George Gillas

George started his career in sales as a 19-year-old student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. What began as a summer position selling Cutco cutlery evolved into a career with Vector Marketing Corp. George held numerous upper management positions with Vector, helping the business grow from 6 offices to over 200 when he left 17 years later.

The next step in George’s sales journey was to apply his sales, training, and management experience to consulting multiple businesses in the Phila area. Eventually he was hired to rebuild the sales team of a promotional products company. Once this project concluded he decided to change careers – in a big way.

George recognized the growth of the integrative healthcare industry and moved to Scottsdale, AZ to train in therapeutic bodywork at a leading school in Arizona. He quickly built his practice and began teaching therapeutic massage and multiple business classes at two nationally accredited schools.

In 2001, George discovered NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and was immediately intrigued at the changes this modality could make in people’s thinking and behavior. He earned his Master Practitioner certification in 2003, retired his body work business, and built a thriving private NLP practice working primarily with salespeople and business owners. Since 2003, George has worked with hundreds of clients, from 7 to 80+ years of age, to release old limiting beliefs and negative emotions through MER (Mental Emotional Release)

In 2018 George had the opportunity to explore Keller Williams as a MAPS Transformational Coach (now Performance Coaching) and realized that his 20+ years of experience at helping people get “unstuck” was the perfect background for this opportunity. George graduated Red Shirt in November 2018 and has been working with motivated MAPS clients to help them do more with less effort and greater consistency ever since. In the last few years he has coached new and experienced agents, PCs, DOOs, TLs, OPs, and other MAPS and BOLD coaches.

While he is not a Realtor, George recognizes that “all sales is a mindset game and when you can bring your ‘A-Game’ on a consistent basis, your probability to succeed at any role is greatly increased.” George is also Kolbe Certified™ and uses this assessment to guide his clients to maximize their (and their teams’) natural, instinctive talents and strengths.

George utilizes his extensive sales and business experience (and appreciation of how salespeople think), his practical mastery of powerful NLP tools, and his understanding of KW Models to help his clients achieve their goals. Learn more at